Coming up as giants in the EDM world, the Futuristic Polar Bears have got some huge plans on the horizon. We recently caught up with the guys to chat about their favourite location, twitter followers and their competitive side, so here’s what they had to say…

Hi Guys! You are such a great trio in the world of EDM and are fast becoming a massive force! How is everything going for you at the moment?
Everything is going great thanks! We’re looking forward to another busy summer touring and have some really exciting releases coming…

You’ve been championed by some of the world’s best DJ’s such as Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, R3hab and Sick Individuals. How does it feel to be so highly recognised?
It’s an amazing feeling being supported by some of the biggest names in the industry, getting feedback from them really helps us push forward with new music and making sure we never let our standards slip.

As well as that, you’ve got a massive fan base on your social media sites! What we want to know is, have you got any celeb friends in the people who follow you on twitter?
We’ve got Melissa Joan Hart that follows us, do you remember “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”? haha!

Ah yeah! Haha! Music has led you to collaborate with some of the industries giants, we’ve noticed that you’ve teamed up with Danny Howard multiple times and many others, but who has been your favourite artist to collaborate with and why?
We love working with Thomas Newson, Taurus was great fun to work on and we’re currently working on a follow up at the minute.

Not only that but you release a lot of versus tracks, so how competitive are you?
On FIFA very competitive haha.

Your most recent work has seen you work with the dynamic duo who we’ve interviewed, Sultan + Shepard and with that you’ve released a track, can you tell us a bit about it?
We love working with Sultan + Shepard, they are two of the nicest guys in the industry and definitely we’ll be working with them again, they are such talented musicians.

When we spoke to S+S, they said they do love you guys, however they’d smash you in a ‘who can play the longest set battle’, what have you got to say about that?
Bring it on!!! We’d love to do a party with Sultan + Shepard, hopefully in the future we can organise something!!

That would be awesome! Moving away from music, we can see from your social media sites that you love a good tattoo. You’ve got some great work by the way, but who, out of the three, has the best tattoos?
Fran has a customised Polar Bear tattoo on his sleeve including the logo so he wins!!

Wicked! Have you ever been tempted to get a ‘Lad’s Holiday’ style tattoo? Maybe whilst out playing a set somewhere or on holiday when you’ve had one too many drinks? There are some funky designs that go about.
Definitely not, tattoos have to be a personal thing.

Dj’ing takes you all over the world but what has been your favourite destination for each of you that you’d like to visit year in, year out?
We all really love Seoul in South Korea, the city is a really cool place to hang out in and the food is amazing.

Your track ‘Back to Earth’ is an absolute banger and we love it, but do you think you’d ever be up for flying into outer space on a rocket?
100% you have to try new things and to be the 1st polar bear to go into space would be incredible!!

I’ve also got a question that’s been grating ever since I saw you guys first, where did the name futuristic polar bears originate? It’s quirky but pretty awesome!
It comes from our love for wildlife conservation. We are all members of the World Wildlife Fund and actually sponsor a Polar Bear.

Finally, have you got any advice that you could give an aspiring DJ in our current time? We love hearing artist’s advice on this sort of thing.
Just to work hard and believe in your dreams. This industry has plenty of ups and downs and you just have to stick to what you believe and stay passionate to the music you are making.

Well thanks guys! It has been a real pleasure chatting to you and we wish you the best of luck!
Thanks guys!!


Futuristic Polar Bears