New up and coming talent from London, Kwabs, recently took time out of his schedule to chat to us at the SPG. From FIFA and soup, to living the London lifestyle, here is what we spoke about… 

Hi Kwabs! Your career is really taking off at the moment and we love your music! How is everything going for you?
Stuff feels good. I’ve been on the road a lot over the last couple months and that’s really the best bit because I love to perform probably more than anything.

Brilliant! You have a brand new album coming out in September too! This is huge, you must be extremely excited?
I’ve been excited for ages now! Now I just want people to hear it.

So the album is called love + war, but what would you class yourself more as, a lover or a fighter?
I’m more a lover, I guess. But I believe in not giving up on love without a fight.

Very true! Love + War features your single ‘Walk’ which is also on the FIFA soundtrack. It’s an awesome tune! What we want to know is, are you any good on FIFA? We’ll give you a game if you fancy it?
I’m probably (definitely) terrible at it. I virtually haven’t played a video game since ‘Streets of Rage’ on Sega Megadrive.

Haha! Can’t go wrong with retro gaming. Not only does it feature on FIFA, ‘Walk’ hit number one in Germany. How did it feel to be an overseas chart topper?
It was completely unexpected. You never really know what’s gonna happen with songs…whether anyone will even like them at all. I can’t really tell you how it ended up at number one. I’m just glad it did. So that’s a beautiful mystery to me.

Music is a massive part of your life, but what was it that actually inspired you to become an artist?
I was frustrated that I didn’t have my own means to sing to everyone I wanted to hear me…when I believed I had a story to tell. I guess I went on a bit of a crusade to try and change that.

Moving aside from music, you have connections with Ghana, can you tell us a bit about that?
I was born in London, which means my connection with Africa is not as strong as it would or maybe should be. But I reckon discovering myself in all aspects will be part of a life-long journey.

That’s cool! What is your favourite thing about living in London now?
I love that London feels like it’s getting lots of things right. It’s got great food, great creative energy…plus here I feel like I’m surrounded by some of the most open-minded, forward-thinking people.

We noticed on your twitter that, in your bio you state that you ‘Like Soup’. So what we want to know is, what’s your favourite flavour?
I have no favourite soup! No soup is safe!

And are you a drink-it-from-the-mug kind of guy or a straight up spoon and bowl man?
I’m very unfussy about this. Being on the road has taught me to take what you can get. If I’ve got to drink it out of multiple paper shot glasses, I will probably do it.

Haha, fantastic! When it comes to food, are you any good in the kitchen? We saw you on Sunday Brunch a few weeks back trying your culinary arts out.
I can cook. I’m pretty good at ‘wingin it’…as in turning limited resources into a decent meal. But I could probably learn some fancier stuff…it’s a bit of an art really.

Summer is right round the corner and the festivals are on the horizon! Are you excited to don the stage these coming months?
I’m always excited to be onstage. It’s a different thing – performing to audiences that haven’t necessarily heard you before. That’s an exciting and strange experience.

Obviously music is full of different artist’s, so who would be your dream team to collaborate with?
Sia for songs, Kanye for inspired madness, Brandy and Jazmine Sullivan for vocal arrangements and textures….this is less a dream-team than bizarre fantasy….

Great choices! We’ve got a feeling you’re going to be huge in the near future, so would you like to take America like a few fellow Brits have done?
I’d definitely like to go to America. I don’t know if I would ‘take’ it as such. I just want to spread the word really.

And finally, what key piece of advice would you give to any youngster trying to achieve their dreams?
Don’t be discouraged when people misunderstand your message and your talent. There are people out there who will understand it and appreciate it if it is genuinely worthwhile…so don’t give up. And most of all try and remember to appreciate the journey as well as the milestone events. Every day is valuable one way or the other.

Well thanks Kwabs! It’s been a really pleasure chatting, we can’t wait for your album and look forward to seeing more of you in the music world. Best of luck!