The EDM mastermind that is Major Lazer has today dropped their new album onto us all in the form of ‘Peace is the Mission’. Just his third instalment into their discography, Major has made it their mission to free the universe from silence, by delivering some frantic sounds and this album doesn’t disappoint.

From the moment you plug your ears with the kinetic chaos, your mind is sent on an electronic journey that’ll just make you want to move. Not only that, but sticking to their true style, they boast some mega powerful vocals which drum the energetic beats into your sound system even more.

With a sterling mixture of synths, reggae sounds and frantic drops, Lazer balance their style and create the best of the best when it comes to modern EDM. As well as that, the track compiles to give off a real summer ready vibe. In a mix-up which beholds a genuine level-up video game, techno beat, they combine with some the industries greats to appeal to everyone’s taste.

Collaborating alongside Pusha T and 2Chainz sticks in a heavy hip hop influence, and Ellie Goulding and Ariana Grande open up to pop, the 9-track disc is sure touching on most of our genres. It goes without saying that the real stand out tracks (although they are all solid in their own right) are ‘Lean On’ which has already been released to the charts, ‘Roll on the Bass’ which has a proper old school feel and also ‘Blaze Up the Fire’ that’ll leave you pointing finger guns in the air whilst shaking your hips for weeks.

Overall, it’s definitely worth a download if you fancy something different that is going to crack a smile on your face. From a darting electro tune, whipped up with some soft reggae, Major Lazer are true mixing legends and we’re certainly looking forward to more instalments in the universe saving saga.

We’re giving this album a solid and deserved – 7/10!