Get ready to rave because the party scene is about to reach new heights this coming weekend and with that, we’ll see the speakers buzzing!

Burrowed in the emerald green countryside of Norfolk, Symmetry festival is a beautiful musical landscape. Get lost in the jungle of trees and gaze into the glistening lakes in preparation to rave because this fest is booming! On the 12th-14th of June, you can see amazing acts, inlcuding: Slamboree, The Dub Pistols, Black Sun Empire and The Mouse Outfit. Symmetry covers an array of styles and will be the host of some brilliant talent. Nominated for the ‘We Love Jungle Award’ the events start from just ¬£80. Visit the website here for more information: SYMMETRY FESTIVAL¬†

Be sure not to miss out because this one will leave you in a symmetrical daze of a crazy weekend!