Football fans all over the nation are feeling the doom and gloom of the post season blues. With the season finally over and a long, drawn wait until the beginning of the next, it’s nothing but a summer of depression. The sun could be shining and you could be hoofing a ball over the emerald park but it’ll never be the same as spending a weekend on the sofa, watching the beautiful game.

But what’s this I see on the horizon? The Copa America? Where did this little beauty creep up from? Perhaps the summer of football won’t be so bad after all!

In an equivalent to our continent exclusive tournament of the Euro’s, South America has the same with double the finesse and flair. Oozing colour, championing skill and giving off a real festival vibe, this year’s Copa America will be a great shadowing festival of football from last year’s world cup.

Here at the SPG, we’ve compiled a list of why you should be watching whether you’re a football fan or not so, here is our list of Copa filled facts…

• It’s the oldest continental football competition, showcasing great history.
• You can see the likes of Neymar, Suarez, Messi and Rodriguez lining up against each other.
• The pinnacle of world cup teams will be on show.
• It’s hosted in Chile, home of Easter Island and Arsenal player Alex Sanchez.
• South America is always festive, colourful and loves a party.
• It’ll be like the 2014 world cup, just for a continent instead.
• You won’t see nowhere near as much skill and finesse on show anywhere else.
• You’ll be able to see some amazing new talent on show and possibly witness them even signing for your club if they get that transfer.

So there you have it football fans! The Copa America has already kicked off and will be suppressing our football fever for the next month. So why not tune in and watch some world class players in action? Our prediction for the winning nation is going to be Columbia, after the amazing world cup they had last year and the solidarity they have in their team.

Let us know your thoughts on who you think are going to win!