Sunday nights will never be the same again. It’s almost as if it’s a nightmare; who would have thought we’d see the last episode of Top Gear with Hammond, May and Clarkson at the driving seat?

Yesterday, on Sunday 28th June 2015, we witnessed the end of a humorous, petrol filled, caravan crushing, Stig racing experience and in that, the end of Top Gear as we know it. Thirteen years, twenty two series and a barrel full of laughs down the line and there is no doubt that the show will be sorely missed.

Jeremy and the crew really knew how to uplift your Sunday night blues and with it, they brought something to the table for everyone. It wasn’t just car fans that were tuning in every week; it was everybody from middle aged mums, right through to secondary school lads.

Although it has to be said, the teasing threesome were a time bomb for controversy but that was what sold the show. The raw edginess, the slapstick banter and the overall relationship that was developed between cast and crew was something that touched our hearts.

In the penultimate showing, we saw more of the usual occurrences from the guys. A cheeky narrative dropped over the mischievous happenings as we watched on the final Top Gear moments. With everything from classic cars, to tacky SUV’s, caravan racing to 0-60 speeding, it’s not surprise that the show brought in one of its biggest viewings yet.

So what’s in store next? Chris Evans has already been confirmed as the new BBC Two host but will it be the same?

What will Jeremy, James and Richard do? Will it be a new broadcaster, Top Gear rival or will the trio have some time out?

Only time will tell and to keep us going until the next adventure, check out the video below for more petrol headed antics…