Top Gear has always been hugely popular with BBC viewers and since it was confirmed back in March that Jeremy Clarkson had officially been sacked, the question has remained on all of our lips… what will happen to the well-liked trio? Now, due to speculation, we may have some idea!

According to reports, the BBC offered Richard Hammond and James May £4m to stay with the channel and continue the show with another host. Apparently, this is something both of them have declined, due to not wanting to carry on without Jeremy.

So, who will the awesome threesome partner up with? It’s been said that both ITV and Netflix are keen to take on the programme. Speculation seems to suggest that the boys will team up with Netflix, as they won’t be restricted by advertisers and will have more freedom to do and say as they wish.

In this brief interview conducted back in March, James May seems to imply that him and Richard will move broadcasters in order to resume working with Jeremy Clarkson:

Will it be ITV, Netflix or another television network? It seems we’re still being kept in suspense… rest assured though – as soon as we know, we’ll let you know, so keep reading our articles for regular updates!

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