Jeans. Whether you’re male or female, we all love a trusty pair of skinny jeans. They scream versatility… they compliment pretty much any outfit and you can wear a light-coloured pair in the summer and go back to dark denim in the winter. Where would we be without this fashion phenomenon? Well, a bit healthier it seems…

This trend first caught our intention in the 1950’s and we’ve adopted it as a staple part of our wardrobe ever since, but now medical experts have suggested they could be causing us more harm than good.

The Journal of Neurology has published a story about a woman whose skinny jeans proved to be a danger to her health. The aim of the report is to warn others about the dangers of tight clothing.

The 35-year-old patient is believed to have experienced, ‘Compartment Syndrome’ in her legs, which is the result of increased pressure building up within a particular part of the body. She also may have experienced restricted blood flow to the muscles in her legs.

This was all caused by the 35-year-old wearing a pair of skinny jeans for an extended period of time whilst squatting. The woman, who was helping someone move house, felt her feet go numb and found walking particularly difficult. Consequently, the lady then fell, resulting in her not being able to get up until she was eventually found, several hours later.

Thankfully, with four days of treatment, the lady made a full recovery and was able to walk again unaided, but this account does highlight one of the possible dangers of our favourite fashion item.

Should we continue to love skinny jeans? We say, ‘Yes’, but you may want to rethink wearing them if you plan on squatting for rather a long time…

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