Written by Andy Gorman

If online shopping is too mainstream for you, Stefan’s Head is an alternative to your average online fashion store. The startup is the first text-based retailer and the only way you can get their limited run products is by being on Stefan’s list. He’ll then send you a text when he drops his latest design.

How exactly does it work then? You see, Stefan happens to be picky about his clientèle and only those hand picked by him have access to his merch. To get on his list you need to send him a text, he’ll then judge whether you’re worthy of his exclusive products by checking out your influence on Instagram or Twitter. Those who get on the list will then get sent a text every two weeks about the latest limited run product with a link that redirects them to a secret website to buy the piece. He even remembers your card number and size for an easier shopping experience.

Stefan’s Head is a New York City based start-up that was founded by Sathish Naadimuthu (who is no longer part of the project), Trey Sisson and Michael Kushner. It was inspired from a past commercial venture where they discovered that their customers gravitated towards limited run products and were, “Surprisingly into communicating via text”. While you can order from the UK, there will definitely be some shipping fees.

So who is Stefan? No he’s not just a name or a robot. He’s the elusive artist that partnered with the founders and designs all of their products. The man behind the scenes if you will. Sathish told Business Insider that the trio met him at a party and that Stefan wanted to be part of ‘“something fresh” and happened to be as much into streetwear as they were.

It gets even better. The startup isn’t only exciting because it’s the world’s first textbased retailer. They also collaborate with some pretty dope artists. Michael Kushner, the brain of the operations, is always looking for brand new artists and creative minds to collaborate with Stefan. They recently collaborated with photographer Blaise Cepis. Director Dimitri Basil, last year’s winner of the Dazed Coppola film festival, is their next collaboration and is working on a film, “Who the fuck is Stefan?” to promote the startup. Let’s put it this way: Stefan doesn’t just deal clothes. He deals original, sexy and exclusive designs. And those on Stefan’s list should buy his merch fast once it drops, because once the design is gone, it’s gone.

Although Stefan’s Head only launched recently, the startup is already getting a lot of attention from designers like Marc Ecko. The business model of Stefan’s Head is definitely weird and risqué, especially since they are so picky about who ends up on their select list. But as Sathish told Business Insider: “Some people think we’re too risqué or weird. Either way, we’d rather be loved or hated than land somewhere in the middle.”