As you approach the end of a degree course, the world of work can be a potentially intimidating prospect. Will there be jobs out there? Will the jobs that are available be suitable to the degree you’ve just worked so hard to achieve?  Is your degree one of the degrees that pay well?

Recruitment specialists Pertemps want to reassure all graduates and soon-to-be graduates that there are plenty of options out there and, to offer some advice on the types of roles available, have created a series of quizzes based on what you can do with a particular type of degree.

In the quiz below you can see what sort of job may be best suited to you if you have an English degree whilst on the Pertemps website you’ll find quizzes for those with media communications and psychology degrees.

Give this quiz a go if you have or will be receiving an English degree to find out more of the options available, some of which you may never have considered previously.

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know which role the quiz suggests you may be best suited to and whether it’s a career that you’d consider before or now may look into in greater detail.