So, summer is just around the corner and we’ve all been desperately trying to shed some pounds since the dawn of the New Year. The weeks go by and your figure just doesn’t ooze that ‘summer ready’ appeal. And it continues, year in, year out but whilst you’re in the dieting process, you always get those people who grate on you more than they usually should.

To take some of that pressure off of you, we’ve compiled a list of the people well all want to vent at in our times of struggle, so before I take a bite out of the cake that’s winking at me, I better get this article under way…

The Eat-What-You-Want, Gain-No-Weight Guy
We’ve all got that one friend, the one who piles into as much grub as they want but yet remain so super-thin that they could work a modelling job. For breakfast they’ll have a whopping fry-up with extra fried bread, where you sit there with a bowl of muesli and a banana. For dinner it’s an XL pizza with extra pepperoni and you’ll have a prawn salad. It’s irritating and you’ll constantly tell yourself they’ll be chubby in the future but nope, thin for life.

The Sharer
Want a bite? Thought you would. How can you resist when your oh-so generous chum is pushing a soft, chewy cookie under your nose? You know you shouldn’t but you must. A nibble round the edge of a shared treat can send you into a spiral of relapse, only leading to the diet coming to a sudden, crashing end. It’s a kind of love/hate situation, you love your pal for offering but at the same time, you hate them for wrecking your chance of becoming a hard bodied champion.

The Question Pest
How’s the diet going? How much have you lost? How much do you want to lose? GO AWAY! The constant questioning is like Jeremy Paxman is sitting in on a WeightWatcher meet and researching into the life of a dieter. In your head you think ‘I’ll just drop a little white lie’ but then thoughts kick in because is the weight actually showing? If it was going well, you’d have thought you would have told them. Go elsewhere and ask others about their diet, fools.

The Health Freak
What planet are these people from? Exercise and eating healthy are a second nature to these super heroes and they even have a smile on their face whilst doing it. Bouncing around on the high street with a kale and broccoli smoothie whilst they wear their gym lycra, these guys are genuinely proud of what they’ve achieved. As you watch on in glum misery, you only wish you had that much enthusiasm towards health and fitness.

Culinary Gods
Why are these places even around? Teasing us dieters with a seductive whiff of glorious food every time we stroll past. No matter what time of the day, whether it was late on a Friday after work or midday on a Monday, these guys are always there to break the diet. It’s just a thing we can’t resist and with weight loss on mind, you can only think about food. Creating the whole reason you wanted to lose weight in the first place, it’s just a vicious cycle! damn you culinary kings!