Are you ready to get wet and wild in the name of Charity this July? Well, look no further because the brains behind Bestival have teamed up with Wayne Whittle to bring a giant water slide to the summer of love.

Also appearing at Bestival in September, Ryde Slide is hosting it’s first slippery appearance at Ryde in the Isle of White on Sunday the 12th July. The inflatable water slide is a whopping two-hundred metres long and runs right through the middle of the towns main shopping street.

With a one in three-hundred chance of being able to dive down this behemoth, all you have to do is to enter online for free. From there, they’ll select the chosen few and that’s where the fun begins. The event is overall run for multiple charities and all the cash that is raised is going to great causes, and here’s what the Mayor of Ryde and Rob da Bank had to say…

Rob said “We always like to get involved with really exciting and really mad stuff at Bestival, so when Wayne spoke to me about bringing a huge inflatable water slide to the Island and running it down the middle of Union street in Ryde, I couldn’t possibly refuse. Chances like this don’t come along all that often and it’s all for a lot of great causes, so please do donate some money and see how you get on with the luck of the draw!

and Wayne Whittle (the Mayor) said “Ryde; The Town on The Beach is a unique place that deserves a unique event. Union Street is the perfect venue, thanks to Bestival’s help and the community’s enthusiasm and assistance, it’s finally all downhill from here. I can’t wait to join in the fun on the 12th, there’s no better way to fund raise. Oh we do like to be beside the seaslide!

So why not try you luck and enter HERE! for free and lets not forget, there are still tickets available for this years Bestival in September, so snap up yours now!