It’s Charity Tuesday! This is officially one of our favourite Twitter trends. What great awareness it brings to so many great causes. Who said social media could only be used negatively? This sure proves any sceptics wrong.

So, you may or may not have heard about this weeks heatwave (although we expect you have because it seems we’re all talking about it). If you haven’t, chances are you’ve probably been wondering why it is you’ve been feeling like you’re abroad… so now you know, you really are in the UK, we’re just experiencing scorching temperatures throughout the rest of the week.

This got us thinking… the NHS states that the elderly and the young are particularly at risk of being effected by this weeks rise in temperature, so we thought we’d write about a charity that helps one of these age groups.

Age UK:

Age UK is a charity that provides support and services to help older people love later life. They support the elderly in a variety of ways, including, helping them financially; campaigning for high quality health care; looking after their well-being; ensuring they feel safe and secure at home and by getting them involved with their community.

So, what can you do to help?
1. Donate
2. Raise money 
3. Take part in a fundraising event
4. Volunteer 
5. Campaign
6. Play Age UK’s weekly lottery
7. Take part in Age UK’s summer raffle 

See how much their work makes a difference: 

… and see why Darranda enjoys volunteering as a befriender 

Please do anything you can to support Age UK and this week, check up on any elderly relatives or friends to make sure they’re ok during the heatwave.

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