As seen in our Britain’s Got Talent article yesterday, Twitter certainly caused quite a storm when numerous viewers noticed how magician Jamie Raven performed one his tricks in the final show of the series. However, today Twitter proves how it can be used to spread some good. #CharityTuesday has been trending most of the day and encourages people on the social network to donate to good causes and those in need. If you want to help others, but don’t have much money, don’t worry, you can still do your bit! Here’s some easy things you can do to support charities…

1. Volunteer
Charities are always looking for volunteers. Get in touch with a local charity in your area and ask if they could do with an extra pair of hands. Charities are very grateful for a bit of extra help and you can negotiate how long you’re gong to volunteer for, so it won’t get in the way of other commitments. 2. Donate your unwanted clothes
Remember those items of clothing you bought a couple of years ago that you look at now and think, ‘Why on earth did I buy that?’, or those garments you purchased a while back, but have never actually worn? Don’t just let them sit and fester in your wardrobe – take them to your local charity shop. They can sell them on to a loving new home and you’re also doing your bit for a worthwhile cause.
3. Become an organ donor
Many people are on a transplant list waiting for an organ that would enable them to live a normal life. How amazing would it be to know that when you’re no longer around, your organs could help someone who without you, would no longer be here.
4. Make use of your spare change
You know those annoying 1p/2p coins that always seem to accumulate and end up taking up most of your purse? Next time you’re paying for something at a checkout, look out for the collection boxes and donate some of your spare change. It’s a small donation, but it all adds up!
5. Visit a Zoo or an Animal Sanctuary
Many animal charities rely on visitors in order to keep going. By visiting a Zoo or an Animal Sanctuary you are helping with the cost of upkeep for those animals. You are also helping to protect endangered species from extinction.

Now you have a list of some simple things you can do in order to do your bit for charity, please try and do one of these today.