We see the horrific, the miraculous and the damn right bizarre when it comes to News Stories. At least odd new makes it a little more light-hearted and rather entertaining. Here are some of the strangest ones we’ve heard about over the last few weeks…

1. Ebay are being sued by a woman because they banned her from selling parts of the sun on their auction site.
2. Basil proved to be useful for a couple of doctors this week when they used it to help remove a worm from a 17-year-old patients eye.
3. Actress Zhao Wei is being sued by a Chinese man, as he claims she has given him, ‘spiritual damage’ by staring at him intensely through his television screen.
4. Experts were baffled in Texas this week, when piles of worms were found in a near-enough perfect straight line.
5. Turkey’s president was excused by one of his rival leaders of having gold-plated toilet seats. The president hit back and said that if he does find any in his home, he will resign.
6. It’s been reported that Barack Obama has been offered livestock by a Kenyan lawyer, in return for being able to marry his daughter, Malia.

So, you thought your life was completely bonkers? Not compared to recent news stories…