Who doesn’t love a bit of deep fried food? From the ever-amazing French fry, right through to a cheeky chicken nugget, these munchies are the go-to snack when you’re feeling a bit naughty. Although unhealthy, the battered, hot treats send your senses into taste bud euphoria and you only want to chow down on more.

Healthy no, delicious yes. Not something you should eat everyday but who cares? Especially after a long week of hard graft. However, brace your arteries for this one because we’ve just seen a new viral trend of a next level fried food, one that will either leave you drooling for days or, one that’ll make your heart cripple in a disgusted fatty manor.

The deep fried Big Mac. A double stacked burger, loaded with cheese, onions and sauce, then encased in a triple bun AND THEN a crisp golden batter. I can already feel my tongue flopping from my face and the water dribbling down my chin.

Here at the SPG we thought ‘yeah that’s quite impressive’ but it’s not the first time someone has experimented with the fat fryer. So, before your hungry eyes, we’ve cooked up a top five list where people have battered there foods to a beautiful perfection and here it is…

1. Deep Fried Butter – Silky but deadly.
2. Deep Fried Mars Bars – Enough calories to run to Mars more like.
3. Deep Fried Coke – Only in America.
4. Deep Fried Ice Cream – Oh baby.
5. Deep Fried Cookies – Fattest cookie monster ever.

So there you have it, believe it or not, these are real food items. Together, they have enough calories to power a million elephants and I dare you to eat them all. Yummy, fattening and unique, our favourite combination for a knock out snack.