Although everyone’s dad always stresses the point that you shouldn’t have to make an effort for Father’s Day, there are only so many mugs a man can receive. For the most part, our fathers are usually there to offer sound advice and an array of mixed-distance lifts at various times of the day, so really he deserves to be rewarded on what is one of just two days devoted to him.

However, students in June don’t have many pennies to rub together. The Easter student loan is all gone and most students will be turning their eyes towards backpacking, holidaying or music festivals, which are already stretching the budget to beyond breaking. But just because money is tight it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your father an awesome present. It just requires you to be a bit smarter.

An App

Although most dads are well versed in the basics of smartphones, they are no trailblazers when it comes to applications. Granted they know how to find games but do they know how to find an app that is actually of some use, which is something that we all know they appreciate. Dads are easily impressed by something that has a practical justification for its creation. The first dad to receive a wind-up torch was so amazed that he ended up in a comatose state. If your dad likes his garden then get him a gardening app. It’s simple, useful and cheap. And if you are really strapped for cash you can always download him a free one.

A bet

While there can be no guarantee that placing a bet will pay off, handing your dad a potential winning betting slip has its merits. Moreover, it can show that you take an interest in what your dad has been speaking about around the kitchen table these past 12 months. We will use golf as an example as The Open is nearly upon us. Per se your dad has spoken of how he thinks Jason Day will break his golf Major duck, go and stick a tenner on in the golf betting. An each-way bet would probably be the best course of action. Whether Day wins is not that important, what will impress your dad is that you have actually listened to his ramblings.


Alcohol does not solve all problems, however, in this case it certainly does. If your dad is a lager man then buy him a fridge pack. The effort will be lacking but at least he’ll still be happy. Alcohol makes perfect sense if your dad likes his wine or real ale. It makes no sense to you or your purse strings if he is a high-end whiskey drinker. A nice bottle of wine shouldn’t set you back too much while a selection of three real ales is sure to earn you a thumbs up.


It is always the get out of jail free card for whenever you are strapped for cash, especially when you are using the kitchen of mum and dad. The amount of work that goes into making a slap up meal is always well noted and appreciated, even if it doesn’t taste that good! Cooking bails you out of any situation bar Christmas.


When all else fails, turn to the trusty mug.