If you are off to a festival this year, chances are you will be requiring one of these babies…a tent. Somewhere you can rest your weary, spinning head and keep dry from the wet British summer that makes an inevitable appearance at every festival. With a huge choice of tents out there, what one do you possibly choose? We’ve done all the hard work for you and even taken into account all types of budgets so that you are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. We have organised the different budgets by cost per person, as we doubt you’ll want a 6 man tent to yourself?

Low budget

Quechua Arpenaz 2, 2 man tent (£19.99)

What a cheap and cheerful tent for the festival season. We probably wouldn’t advise this for two people as there would be a lot of space for your stuff. One of the most important factors is that although it’s cheap, it holds up perfectly fine in the rain. Also because of its size it’s a very easy tent to assemble and relatively light weight.

Eurohike Avon, 3 man tent (£90)

The main appeal of this three man tent, we would say, is the large porch. It is nice and sheltered to chill out in of an evening and a good place to dump muddy wellie boots. The only down side to this tent would be the weight, at 5.6 KG you might want to take turn with your fellow campmates to carry it across the fields.

Hi Gear Enigma 5 Family Tent (£220)
If you don’t mind getting cosy with you mates then what is better than a five man tent for £220, that is £44 each. We think that’s pretty cheap for a large tent that actually does the job. It has a roomy sleeping area and a canopy where you can sit of a night/in bad weather. It has been given raving reviews by avid campers so it’ll be perfect for a festival weekend away.

Medium budget

Quechua 2 Seconds, 3 man tent (£54.99)
Hurrah for the pop up tent. What a brilliant invention for festival goers everywhere. Watch on as your fellow campers try to work out how to assemble their tents in the pouring rain. All Quechua 2 second tents are available in 2 man berth, up to a four man.

Vango Banshee 200, 2 man tent (£130)

The Vango Banshee 200 may be for the more serious camper out there. With this price tag it’s not one you would want to leave behind at a festival. As it is designed for the serious camper, it holds up extremely well in really wet and windy weather. It can be set up so there is a porch entrance for once person, or there’s another door if two people are sleeping in the tent.

Quechua T6.3 XL, 6 man tent (£349.99)

So Quechua are really on a role with good quality affordable tents of all shapes and sizes! This tent has three, two man compartments that all centre on a main ‘living area’. As it is absolutely huge, we are not going to fool you into thinking it’s going to be as easy to assemble as a pop up tent. You will need at least two of you to put it together and maybe a practice run. It has full head height and a large communal space so you and all your chairs can sit around and chill inside.

High budget

Field Candy Picnic Perfect, 2 man tent (£295)

If you want to stand out this festival season then invest in a Field Candy tent. With so many quirky designs you will definitely be able to spot your tent amongst the fields. Although classed as a two man tent Field Candy pride themselves on providing extra roomy two man tents. This means there will be plenty of room for a friend and all of your stuff.

Vango Incarus Air 500, 5 man tent (£600)

Vango have gone a little bit high tech with their Incarus Air 500 tent. This is because it uses AirBeam technology, so basically means that this tent is inflatable. It takes about 10 minutes to assemble, you still have to put the pegs in the ground, then pump up the tent and attach the guy lines into the ground. The tent is still as sturdy and waterproof as ever and not having any poles means that it is a lot lighter to carry.


Okay, so this may not technically be a traditional form of camping but all the best festivals now offer some form of VIP camping. This may be in the form of Yurts, Tipi’s, Log Cabins, the list is endless. You will be paying a hefty price tag but you will receive all your home comforts and more. Some VIP campsites have spas, hair boutiques and beauty bars. Please check out individual festival websites for more information and specific prices!