So you’ve just had a busy and tiring University year, where you learnt lots of important things; including how to wash your own clothes and how to down a dirty pint! Now that term has finished,reluctantly you have to trundle all the way back to your parent’s house. Here are some top tips for surviving those longgggsummer months…

1) Act like an adult

It is very easy to regress into a sulky teen when dealing with your parents, but actually you will find that if you act like an adult they’re probably going to treat you like one too. Put your new domestic skills to use and tidy up your mess and cook the occasional family meal to show your parents that you have really matured.

2) Talk it out

If you feel restricted by the household rules or patronised by the way your parents are treating you then it is always a good idea to have a calm chat about it. Sometimes parents struggle to realise that you need more independence, and usually by highlighting this to them they change their ways!

3) Have a safety net in place

Sometimes your family will annoy you that smidgeon too much which is why it is useful to have a list of activities that you can do when it all gets too much! Usually going for a run or just getting out the house gives you some mental clarity over the situation. Equally you may find that taking a bath, reading, drawing or skyping a friend helps.

4) Get outside

Don’t fall into the trap of being stuck on Facebook, getting jealous of other people’s holiday photos!If you can’t afford to go abroad, then just head outdoors and explore your own neighbourhood properly or visit a nearby town.

5) Be productive

With the stress of deadlines being a distant memory, there is no better time to take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to do or to revive an old one. This could be anything from learning an instrumentto finally passing your driving test!

6) Arrange regular meet ups with your Unifriends

After spending nearly every day together, you are bound to miss your uni friends. So take it in turns to visit each other’s home towns or meet them in the middle in a busy city!

7) Consider your siblings and home friends!

You may not have realised but whilst you’ve been living it up (struggling) in a different city, your home friends and siblings may have felt a little ditched. Make it a priority to hang out with them and be mindful of their feelings, this goes for parents too!

8 ) Get a summer job/ Volunteer

Nothing makes you feel more independent than when you are self-sufficient and earning your own money. Summer jobs can be hard to come by though, so consider doing some volunteer work to learn the necessary skills and to improve your CV!

9) Get ahead

Read over last year’s lecture notes, to make sure the info stays fresh, and be a bit of a geek and check out next year’s syllabus too. You could even start on the recommended reading list!

10) Re-vamp

Take notice of your health and incorporate lots of fruit and veg into your diet whilst squeezing in some exercise. Maybe even get a new haircut, to help you feel prepared for the new academic year!

11) Keep things in perspective!

Remember the problems you are facing are just for 3 baby months. 3 months, that’s all.