So #MondayMotivation and #FridayFeeling are two reoccurring trends on Twitter and now there’s a theme for Wednesday’s. They’re known as, ‘Hump Day.’ Believe it or not, ‘Hump Day’ has been around longer than you’d expect. The term is even in the Oxford Dictionary and is defined as, ‘Wednesday, regarded as the midpoint of a typical working week.’  You’ve reached the halfway point, but the weekend still feels so far away. So what can you do to get yourself out of that great big hump of yours?

1.Take some impromptu holiday
Don’t want to go to work on Thursday or Friday? Ask your boss if you can have both days off. Go on, you deserve it!
2. Pull a sicky
Want some time off, but don’t want to use up your holiday? Don’t worry, we think you’re looking a bit peaky… you best stay at home.
3. Go part-time
Why don’t you just not work on a Wednesday? Then you haven’t got a Hump Day to get through. You can spend it doing whatever you like!
4. Reward yourself
Grab yourself your favourite chocolate bar, or have a cheeky mid-week alcoholic beverage – whatever it is, make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for surviving (dare we even say it), a Wednesday!
5. Plan your weekend
Organise a night out with friends, or arrange to see your other half for a movie date night. Make sure you have something to look forward to.
6. Exercise
Ok, so who really likes doing exercise? Certainly not us! However, if you can bare to get yourself moving in the morning, science says you’ll feel better during the day, as exercise realises serotonin, which is the chemical responsible for making you happy.
7. Make an effort with colleagues
Research shows that being kind to others makes you feel better about yourself. Ask them how they are, offer to make them a tea/coffee and willingly listen to their moans. Surprisingly, being nice to someone will actually help brighten up your woeful Wednesday!
8. Have your lunch break
Even though it’s tempting, don’t keep working throughout your lunch break. You need a break. Relax, chomp on some food and allow your mind to relax.

Ok, we appreciate that some of these are a little far-fetched – chances are you won’t be able to take a couple of days holiday this late notice, but it was nice to dream!

P.s. I don’t want to rub it in, but I am actually having Friday off this week…