Today, the hashtag, ‘#ILoveMuseums’ is trending on Twitter. The idea is to get people showing their support for UK museums, so that they can keep going for years to come and for future generations to enjoy.

We’ve been doing research and have uncovered some rather unusual British Museums you may want to visit –  you might not know some of these even exist!

1. The Sewing Machine Museum
2. The Shoe Museum
3. The Dog Collar Museum
4. The Pencil Museum
5. The Pram Museum
6. The Museum of Mental Health
7. Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum
8. The Museum of Witchcraft 
9. The British Lawnmower Museum 
10. The Fan Museum
11. The Bell Museum 

Yep, we have some pretty strange, but wonderful exhibits! A perfect day our with your friends, on a date and even on your own! There’s nothing wrong with going to a museum alone, at least that way you will get to see all the things you love, right? But hey, if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are art lovers, then what better way to spend the day strolling through looking at the amazing works together, and how romantic!

Museums aren’t just about art, there’s a huge selection of weird, wonderful and truly amazing and inspiring things to see be that art, history, science, space – and no mater how old you are everyone loves to see dinosaur bones!

When visiting a museum, not only will you have a brilliant time seeing all those interesting items, and learning facts and improving your knowledge, but it’s also a nice way to give back to the heritage, community and the arts.

If you’d like to get involved with the daily trend online, simply tweet why you love museums, along with, #ILoveMuseums.’

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