Grrr… hello, Monday, you horrible thing you. Why do you always seem to come around so quickly? Let’s face it, we all moan a lot of the time anyway, but even more so on a Monday Morning… but why do we whine about them so much? Yes, admittedly, Monday’s aren’t the nicest thing to ever happen, but to give you a bit of Monday Motivation, we thought we’d reminded you why we should actually be thankful for the most hated day of the week…

1. You’re more likely to get a better deal on a car if you buy one on a Monday
2. It is least likely to rain on a Monday
3. Most employees are only productive for 3.5 hours on a Monday, so you have an excuse to slack
4. Apparently, planning a holiday is one of the best ways to deal with a Miserable Monday… what a good excuse!
5. Approximately 50% of people are late for work on a Monday, so if your boss asks why you’re late, just blame it on the day of the week
6. Most of us moan about it being Monday for 12 minutes, therefore Monday’s help you make small talk with your co-workers. ”Uh, it’s Monday” – we can hear you now!
7. Research suggests on average, us miserable folk won’t smile on a Monday until 11:16am and as this lady demonstrates, the less we smile, the less wrinkles we’ll get
8. Monday Blues mostly effect those between 45-54, so if you’re not in this age group, just think… your Monday feeling could be worse

So from now on, be thankful for those Monday’s… they help you more than you realise. Happy Monday peeps!

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