Come here… give us a smooch! That’s right, it’s time to pucker up peeps because June 19th is National Kissing Day. We all love some cheeky lip locking action don’t we? So to celebrate this world phenomenon, we thought we’d inform you of some rather interesting facts about kissing that just might surprise you…

1. According to The Guinness World Book of Records, the record for the longest kiss was achieved by a thai couple that lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds! Our lips feel exhausted just thinking about it…
2. January 12th was, ‘Happy Kiss a Ginger Day.’ Don’t worry red heads, we’d happily give you a smooch on any day of the week!
3. On average, most of us brits experience our first kiss at the tender age of 15… bless.
4. Research suggests that during the average kissing encounter, approximately 80 million bacteria are transferred between you and your smooching partner… yuck.
5. When asked if they had ever ended a relationship due to their other half being a bad kisser, 59% said they had and 66% of women also admitted to doing the same. There you have it folks – kissing is important (but you probably already knew that away).
6. You’ll like this one… kissing burns calories! Dr. Stillis claims puckering up with your significant other can burn 2-3 calories each minute! No complaints from us…
7. It truly does make you happy! Pecking your partner releases endorphins in your brain, which are proven to make you feel good.
8. Uh oh, it seems not everyone likes a good kissy. Beware… in some countries, smooching is illegal.
9. Do you lean to the right before going in for a infamous lip lock? Then you’re not alone! two-thirds of us do the same.
10. Last but by no means least is perhaps the most important kiss of of all – the kiss of life. Isn’t it ironic how something really enjoyable can be used to help save lives? Amazing.

Too much kissing information? Sorry! Now go and give someone a smooch… go on, we dare ya! But before you do, you might want to read these

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