Today, on the 23rd of June, we celebrate, ‘National Women in Engineering Day’ (NWED). Not only is it important to introduce more females to the engineering industry for diversity and inclusion purposes, but it is also essential due to lack of people joining the profession in general – we need to be able to fulfil these jobs. So, we thought we’d encourage some of you ladies out there who may be considering an Engineering career path… 

Firstly, here are some inspirational famous female engineers:
1. Mary Anderson
Created the first windscreen wiper
2. Stephanie Louise Kwolek
Discovered liquid crystalline polymers, which helped to create bulletproof vests
3. Hedy Lamarr
Created a remote-controlled communications system
4. Beulah Louise Henry
Created a doll with flexible arms
5. Martha J. Coston
Created a signalling flare system

Next up, here’s some benefits to joining the engineering profession:
1. Money
Engineering is one of the top paid professions world-wide
2. Flexibility
There are many different areas of engineering you can go into, including civil engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering
3. Creativity
Not only are you required to use your problem solving skills when being an engineer, but you’ll also get to use your creativity in order to come up with new, interesting solutions
4. Society
You have the ability to enrich other people’s lives. For instance, engineers have the potential to solve global issues, such as pollution
5. Exciting
As new problems occur, new solutions will need to be found, so the work is bound to be fun and interesting

Lastly, here’s a piece of advice from female engineer, Debbie Sterling, who created a girls engineering toy:

Want to find out how you can get involved? Check out the National Women in Engineering Day’s website.

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