It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that we were struck down with Friday Feeling Fever. There’s just no feeling like it, is there? Now it’s the start of the week again and that Monday Motivation is nowhere to be seen. No matter where you work, there’s always some colleagues you really get on with and others you just can’t wait to have a break from, so to help give you some Monday Motivation, we’ve come up with a list of people at work you always seem to come across. This way, you can see that it’s not just you that has to put up with annoying co-workers…

1. The unsocial one
This person never talks to you unless you speak to them first, so in the end you give up and never make the effort to talk to them… and then they wonder what they’ve done wrong.
2. The gossip
This person tells you everything you secretly want to know. Part of you feels bad, but you soon get over the guilt when they surprise you with the ultimate bomb-shell about that colleague you always thought was totally innocent.
3. The workaholic
This person does everything they’re asked to do and more. You half admire their work ethic and the other half of you finds it immensely irritating that they constantly make you look bad and as though you’re doing nothing.
4. The fun one
Unlike the workaholic, this person hardly gets any work done. Whenever you look over at their desk, they’re secretly Facebooking or daydreaming, but they do make work great fun. They’re always having a laugh and boosting everyone’s spirits. Work doesn’t feel quite so bad when they’re around.
5. The self-righteous one
They refuse to take advice from anyone. They know the best way of doing things – period. They’ll always tell you what to do, but never listen to what you have to say. You can’t help but feel rather smug when they realise you were actually right all along.

Recognise any of these? We thought so! Now you’ll appreciate the colleagues you do get along with even more!