Dear guys, we know it can be hard sometimes to interpret exactly what us girls want from you. Trouble is, we say one thing and we often mean another,  so you literally have to learn to translate what it is we’re trying to tell you. Do you constantly end up saying the wrong thing to your girlfriend regardless of what you say? We’re here to help… thanks to some people on Twitter, we’ve complied a list of  phrases she actually does want to hear! (We promise).

Three Words She Wants To Hear…
1. I have pizza
2. I won money
3. I was wrong
4. There’s free wifi
5. I will pay
6. You’ve lost weight
7. Wear my hoody
8. Let’s go shopping
9. Let’s go away
10. Want concert tickets?

We hope these have given you some helpful ideas. Oh and of course ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’ and ‘you’re beautiful’ go without saying… they’re always winners!

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