Let’s face it, we’re useless when it comes to dealing with what we deem, ‘extreme weather.’ As soon as a few flakes of snow fall on the ground, our country comes to a standstill, so it’s no surprise really that the UK’s gone into meltdown (excuse the pun) over this weeks heatwave.

Today, temperatures are expected to reach a sweltering 30 degrees, with tomorrow expected to be even hotter. Weather experts have predicted that Wednesday’s temperature may exceed 35 degrees, which means it could potentially be the hottest day recorded in Britain for nine years, since 2006 when the temperature reached 36.5C in Wisley, Surrey. However the heatwave isn’t over on Wednesday, the rest of the week is expected to remain scorching hot, with temperatures estimated to be around 28-29 degrees.

It’s safe to say we’re in for a rather warm week (well, for England anyway!) So, this could only mean one thing… problems. We’re not used to these temperatures, so it seems in true British style, every things turned into chaos – particularly when it comes to transport, so if you’re planning on travelling anywhere, or rely on your car or train services in order to get to work… listen up!

Drivers have been advised to take it steady on the roads over fears they could melt. Apparently, when temperatures reach 27 degrees (+), roads can begin to go softer, which can cause cracks and are hazardous for drivers.

It’s not just drivers that may face issues this week. High temperatures can also cause train tracks to buckle, therefore some services may be delayed, or speed restrictions may apply.

So, take care on the roads and check your rail networks website for regular updates on services. Oh and don’t forget… make sure you stay safe in this heat by following our heatwave advice. Other than that, enjoy the sunshine!

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