Twitter, we all love it, don’t we? and now we can’t imagine life without the addictive social networking site. It was launched in 2006 and like everything, it’s certainly changed since then. It’s a bit like looking back at old photos and wondering what on earth you were thinking wearing those hideous, mismatched outfits… thanks to today’s trending hashtag, ‘#WhenIJoinedTwitter’, we’re enjoying reliving the slightly cringey and rather crazy thoughts you had about Twitter when it first launched! Is yours in our top ten?

1. #WhenIJoinedTwitter I soon learned how to make my sentences that much shorter, so that they would easily fit into twitters 140 character lim
2. #WhenIJoinedTwitter I followed every celebrity expecting them to follow me back and notice me
3. #WhenIJoinedTwitter I had no idea what was going on. #WhatsAHashtag
4. #WhenIjoinedTwitter following less and being followed by more was cool
5. #WhenIJoinedTwitter I thought you had to follow every verified account
6. #WhenIJoinedTwitter I used to tweet #TeamFollowBack every 10 minutes to try and gain followers
7. #WhenIJoinedTwitter my FB had too many relatives I needed an escape
8. I remember my very first tweet was ‘hi guys’ but I had 0 followers #WhenIJoinedTwitter
9. #WhenIJoinedTwitter the word “Hashtag” started to become part of my vocab. What you doing today? “Going to the shop, hashtag toilet paper”
10. #WhenIJoinedTwitter Loosing followers broke my heart. It was not a nice thing sleeping with 30 followers then wake up with 29

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