Whether it’s a nice juicy pork sausage, or a succulent beef burger, majority of us love our meat! Indeed, eating meat does have its health benefits. For one, its a good component for us to have in our diet (it’s rich in protein and contains important vitamins), not to mention… it also tastes rather good! However, is eating meat causing us any harm? As it’s World Meat Free Day, we decided to look at the benefits to cutting out the flesh!

1. Health
Ok, so this ones the obvious one. Not eating meat may help you retain a healthy weight, reduce your blood pressure and prevent you from getting diabetes.
2. Well-being
As well as improving your health, non-meat-eaters tend to have better skin, be generally happier, have more energy and are even said to smell nicer!
3. Environment
It takes 15,000 litres of water to produce a kilo of beef, whereas, only 3,000 litres of water are needed to produce the same amount of rice. It is therefore more beneficial to the environment if farmers focus on growing rice, rather than if they were to concentrate on the production of meat.
4. Money
As meat is often the most expensive part of a meal, being a vegetarian also helps keep down your finances and can save you quite a bit of money!
5. Animals
Unfortunately, not all animals that are bread for our consumption are well looked after. By deciding not to eat meat, you are making a stance against animal cruelty. You are also helping to lower the demand for meat, meaning less will be produced.
6. Sickness
As some of you may have discovered, if meat isn’t cooked correctly, or if it’s gone off… it can leave you feeling rather nasty! Eating vegetables that are a bit too hard doesn’t tend to have quite the same effect, so being vegetarian can sometimes be a little bit safer!
7. Alternatives
With so many Quorn options nowadays… you can practically eat meat without actually eating the real thing! Some research suggests it’s healthier for you too.

So, there you have it! Seven reasons you should go meat free today. Enjoy tucking in to your delicious Quorn burger. Who knows, you may prefer it! Let us know your thoughts @TheSPG

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