It’s June 8th and as well as being Kanye Wests birthday, it is also World Oceans Day. Unfortunately, many of our oceans are being destroyed due to issues such as, climate change, illegal fishing, overexploitation and marine pollution. World Oceans Day aims to celebrate the beauty of the ocean, whilst also reminding people how important it is to look after our waters and how we can make small adjustments to enable us to do this. ‘Healthy Oceans, healthy planet’ is this years theme and to encourage to to take care of our oceans, we thought we’d show you just how remarkable our oceans are…

1. The ocean has more historic artefacts than all of the museums in the world, combined.
2. Approximately 70% of our planet is ocean
3. Some creatures of the ocean can show tremendous amounts of kindness

4. Although us humans are land animals, 94% of the living species on earth are actually aquatic
5. The ocean is home to some well camouflaged animals

6. Oceans produce approximately 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere

There you have it. Isn’t our ocean incredible? Don’t worry, it’s still not too late to get involved. Visit World Ocean Day’s website to see how you can do your bit.

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