Growing up in the nineties and noughties had its amazing moments. Life was easy; you used to be able to get away with anything you could imagine and we were so free; if only we could go back now. Gone are the days of flicking on the games console to race your mates in a split screen duel, no longer can we indulge into hours of cartoons and who can forget pulling that hidden toy from a fresh cereal pack?

But was your childhood all that it seemed? The relentless amount of rumours that flew about as we naively danced through the playground was real, and how unwise to them we were. Taking you on a trip down memory lane, here at the SPG we’ve devised the worst childhood rumours that crushed your hopes and dreams. So from one to ten, here they are…

1. Swallowing gum would lead to it being stuck in your stomach for a decade.
2. The jelly aliens in the egg got pregnant
3. Eating a seed will make it grow in your stomach
4. Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis
5. If you cross your eyes, they may get stuck in that position
6. The wrestling Undertaker came back from the dead
7. The blue eraser rubs out ink
8. Eating spinach makes you stronger
9. The tooth fairy
10. Standing in front of the mirror and repeating ‘Bloody Mary’

So there you have it, the life of a nineties kid wasn’t so pleasant after all. All the myths and lies that were made up to spoil the fun, all the trauma we put ourselves through, all of the lost fun. Well never mind, now that we’re all adult enough to know the truth, we can really push the boundaries and do what we want!