007 is back again and he’s about to embark in an all new mission for the latter of 2015. With more gadgets, girls and cars than ever before, Mr. Bond has really perked up from the demise of his last movie, and he’s had to considering the amount of enemies that want his head on a spike.

Delving deep into James’ past, he embarks on a journey to uncover an array of cryptic clues that have been left on a trail; a trail that leads to a sole, deadly organisation and they are called Spectre. Sinister and layered in deceit, the terror group are headed by a devilish man in the form of Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) and unlike anyone ever before, he might actually be the one to finish Bond off.

Set for an October release date, the film follows up from where the 2012 ‘Skyfall’ left off and with a fresh M in charge, can 007 keep to his agent ways? Or will he go off the rails to a rotten path? All we can do is watch on and wait, so until that time we’ll have to keep watching the new trailer (check it out below).

So, if you’re into explosions, frantic chases and heart pumping cliff hangers, then you’ll love this new bond number. Grab us a cocktail, shaken not stirred, and chuck my Aston Martin outside the cinema because we’ll definitely be watching this one!