Life in London during the 1960’s was a raucous time to be alive; fashion was flowing, the music was swinging and the gangster underworld was at its prime. Dominated by the Kray twins and fuelled by the US mafia, the City had the darkest of alley ways in the world and you seriously didn’t want to step out of line in these golden days.

Although many before have made documentaries and films about the duo, none look as good as the one recently reviled, it’s called ‘Legend’ and I’ve got a funny feeling it’s going to live up to its name. With an expected burst onto the big screen in September, you better be preparing for the terrorisation that’s coming on screen, as the crew dive head first into London’s gang secrets.

Tom Hardy headlines the bill and not only does he play one of the Kray Twins, he plays them both. So, as Reggie and Ronnie Kray we’ll get Hardy as his true acting best because it’s well known that the two were the same but polar opposite as well; from a muscled up psycho to the brains behind the outfit, the two schemed and bullied until they dominated London.

As the trailer quotes ‘everyone had a story about the Kray’s’ but could they ever tell it as well as this film is going to? Violence, money, power and guns, this film is going to be absolutely enthralling and I can’t wait to see it! Even if you’ve never heard about the Kray twins, it’s certainly worth a watch because it’s going to be the Godfather of England with Tom Hardy at the driving seat.

If you’re yet to catch a glimpse of the all new official trailer, take a look below and catch a snippet of what we can expect from ‘Legend’…