Along time ago in a galaxy far away… the force has awakened and it is right around the corner with only a mere 5 months until it lands on the big screen. This weekend, the team behind the highly hyped movie, released a huge carrot on a string by giving fans a whopping four minute, behind the scenes reel at the Comic Con event which took place in San Diego, USA.

Embedded in the clip, all of us saber wielding, Star Wars fantastics are left drooling for more, as we witness some of the key secrets unfolded. From some earth shattering pyro, to a back stage glimpse at the set, this perfectly cut video is just the fuel we needed to get pumped for some serious sci-fi; it’s not just any sci-fi, this is Star Wars episode seven.

The clip just shows how much art and passion is pushed behind the series, and because of that, it’s a part of so many lives today. As a fan, you get to appreciate the depth the cast and crew go into to deliver this pristine spectacle, and if you are lucky enough to be a part of the team, you’re creating history. Just think, the generation before witnessed the first three movies in the cinema, then technology developed, time went on and then they released another three movies. Now, a number of years later, the equipment has leapt forward yet again and another youthful generation will be lucky enough to be welcomed to the saga.

So, without further or do, feast your eyes upon the wonder below and watch on in ore as the film unfolds. We can’t wait for December and in the mean time, we better get on the Star Wars marathon by watching them all again. May the force be with you…