Comic Con, you’ve done it again. Why on earth did we miss this event and how do we get tickets? Next year I want in, and don’t hold back on all the exclusives!

Yesterday, Warner Brothers released the Comic Con first look at the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, and my goodness are we hyped for it.

With a storyline that sets the criminals to side for the good, a top secret agency recruits all of Gotham’s bad guys into a team in order to undertake severely intense, black operations missions. In return for a complete mission, the team of misfits will be given clemency, but something tells me that these guys aren’t going to be on their best behaviour.

In the three minute trailer, you can witness a true reflection into the musky shadows of ‘The Dark Knight’ and with such an astounding cast at the helm; this film is going to be a criminal success. Ben Affleck, Will Smith and Cara Delevingne are all going to play key roles in the flick, but the true talent has really come from the up and coming actress, Margot Robbie. The Wolf of Wall Street starlet has been given the task to play Harley Quinn, a sadistic and twisted jester who reflects on her male companion of the Joker. From the trailer, she’s nailing it, and I’m very excited to see more from her in this movie; who knows, this may even lead to an Oscar. And talking of the Joker, Jared Leto is the new face of the crazed villain in this show. With massive boots to fill, he’s going to have a serious job on his hands, but so far his character definitely looks the part.

Now, we can’t be going and getting to jumpy about this movie because they are still deep into the filming process. A year until release and an awful lot more work to do, we’re just going have to count down the days until Suicide Squad smashes the screens, so before that day comes, we’ll just keep watching the first look trailer below…