He said he’d be back and he wasn’t lying. The Terminator has locked and loaded, and all ready for a reboot in his return to the big screen tomorrow and it’s going to be undeniably thrilling.

With a budget that smashed $150 million, this star studded affair is going to showcase more of the same from Terminator series, so be ready for explosions, robots and guns in an all new, modern revamp. From the last movie, they have decided to reinstate Arnie as the Guardian, Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke from Planet of the Apes as John Connor, which means they haven’t scrimped out on the talent sector.

From what we gather from the trailer, the movie is going to be reaching out of fans of old, and by that we mean true Terminator style. So, tomorrow, head on down to your local cinema and catch the film on release! What is not to love about action, more action and robots?

If you’re yet to check out the trailer yet, have a look below…