The Revenant. A full on gutsy survival adventure, based on a true story from the 1820’s. A tale of frontiersman. An American who is indulging onto the path of vengeance after he was left for dead after a bear mauling, and his name is Hugh Glass. As him and his crew muster through a weather torn woods converted into a blanket of frost, they endure in a rally of musket cocking, triumphing horses and an overall survival of the fittest, leaving every man drawing their last ounce of strength. Captivating, inspirational and a true piece of visual art, this film is certainly going to be up for a number of awards.

In the director’s chair and the mastermind behind the screenplay we have Alejandro González Iñárritu, who was also the man in charge of Birdman. With The Revenant, not only has he hit some graphically beautiful shots, but he has grasped the acting world’s best talents to play the leading roles too. As Hugh Glass we have Leonardo DiCaprio and his co star is Tom Hardy, so it’s a sure shot that the talent sector is on point here.

Still chasing that elusive Oscar, Leonardo will be pressing harder than ever in The Revenant to display an award winning performance, as it’s the only title that he hasn’t got in his cabinet. From his stunning character as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained, to his money man Jordan Belfort, Mr. DiCaprio is long overdue that golden statue!

Look out for this film later this year, with an expected released of Christmas day on wards, and if you’re yet to see the enthralling trailer, check it out below and witness some true cinema mastery…