Rapper, chef, food connoisseur and all round Mr. Wonderful, Action Bronson is really bringing his name to the stage over the past couple of years, and it’s no doubt as to why. The 31 year old has been mastering the mic since back in 2008, with a decent selection of EP’s, collaborations and also an album which was released last year, but these aren’t the reasons fans all over the globe want to witness him put on a show.

Some may know him for his culinary talents, whether it being his cooking mastery or his food tour with the Munchies YouTube channel, and most of you will recognise him for his raps. However, everyone will know him for his stage antics and the burly boy from New York has been at it again this week at London’s LoveBox festival.

Check out this clip below as Bronson swiftly hooks a stage crasher, then throws him into the crowd…

And that’s not all the food star is famous for when putting on a set! He’s definitely one to put on a unique show, and it’s no wonder keep stage crashing because they just want to feel the brutal action shot. Here are some of his other antics he hatched on stage…

  • Bonnaroo 2013 – Action pulls up a chair, sits down and raps whilst smoking drugs which were thrown in from the crowd.
  • Ottawa 2014 – Bronson jumps out a portaloo and continues to perform a set, then steals a caddie and drives it around the festival. Ultimately, he was asked to leave.
  • Brooklyn 2012 – With a large plastic bag in hand, the rapper scrimmages through and proceeds by throwing drugs into the crowd.
  • Santa Ana 2014 – Xboxes, TV’s and various other goods were thrown to a sold out audience, all because it was near Christmas. Thanks Santa Bronson.
  • Indiana 2013 – Bronson makes a crowd member ‘sit in the corner’ on stage after he threw a lit cigarette at the rapper.
  • North Carolina 2014 – Another close line happened. Action gave the fan an audacious swoop, propelling him into an oblivion of crowd members.

So there you have it, Bronson’s most famous fest performances. You’ll still have a chance to catch him on the UK scene later this year at Bestival, and we highly recommend you do before someone stops this rock star from causing more chaos! Check out his track ‘Easy Rider’ from the album Mr. Wonderful below…