It’s safe to say Ariana Grande as caused quite a stir recently having been seen behaving inappropriately in a bakery shop. However, it appears the 22-year-old is rather ashamed of her actions, as she has now apologised to her fans.

A video of Ariana Grande was released showing the star slating her home country, America. Grande was in a bakery shop in California with her rumoured boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez when she commented, ”What the f*ck is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.” If that wasn’t bad enough, the young singer can also be seen licking and spitting on the doughnuts that were available at the counter.

Now it appears Ariana is rather ashamed of the way she behaved, as late last night she released a short four minute video apologising for her behaviour. The star seemed visibly disappointed that she’d let her fans down and rather honesty admitted, ”I’m not here to make any excuses, or justify my behaviour because I can’t. I’m just here to apologise.”

Her honest, heartfelt video has been received well by fans, with the hashtag, ‘We Forgive you Ariana’ now trending on Twitter. One supporter commented, ”She’s only human, we all make mistakes.”

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