On this day, 24 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden, a master of EDM was born. His name: Alessandro Lindblad or, as he’s more well known in the mainstream, Alesso. From the absolute anthems ‘Heroes’, ‘Under Control’ and ‘If I lose Myself’, his new album has had renowned success and it’s no doubt it’s deserved.

If you’re anything like me, when you hear one of his tunes on the radio or in the club, you’re mood is automatically uplifted. He’s just got a way about producing music that just releases so many positive emotions and because of that, some of my best memories from nights out are sparked by an Alesso track.

At only 24, this guy has had an already amazing career, and I don’t think you can argue that he’ll be about for at least another ten years to come. If you get the chance to ever catch this man live, please watch him. A genuine inspiration to the next level of EDM and an icon to follow in the footsteps of; Happy Birthday Alesso! Have an amazing day!

Check out ‘Under Control’ below, one of his most popular tracks to date…