Abel of The Weeknd keeps telling us he can’t feel his face and it’s no wonder at it after he has released the video for his new track. The Canadian song bird is absolutely tearing up the music charts of recent dates and if he keeps putting out bangers as he is, there is definitely a huge future ahead of him.

In the video for ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, the scene is set in a bored cabaret club location, much the same as the one in ‘The Goodfellas’ movie and Abel solely heading the stage. From the outset, you can see the star is giving the performance every ounce of energy and passion in his body but it gets him nowhere; the crowd are all but simply uninterested besides a girl who busts the occasional shuffle. Moving on with the visual, the camera catches some slinky and sinister characters in the audience who have obviously got something to say about Abel, and this is where it gets interesting… With the flick of a lighter, a slender guy throws a lighter, then… BOOM!

The Weeknd literally lights up in an instant, much the same as his music, and from the outset, the club erupts into a jovial celebration. The moves are flowing, the fire is burning and a heat is really turned up! The superstar frolics on stage in a bundle of flames and it’s no doubt he can’t feel his face. Look out all you other artists because The Weeknd is coming through. His new album is out on the 28th of August which is called ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ and it already poses some of the catchiest, emotion touching tracks this year.

If you are yet to see the new video yet, check it out below and I bet you’ll trying your hardest not to burst out into song (we just let ourselves go to be honest)…