Just over a year ago the Arsenal legend Thierry Henry joined the sky pundit panel, and now he’s pulled off one of the best Premier League promo’s to date with them in an all new commercial. Released only Wednesday, the ex-Gunner steps back in time to a day when the established English football league had once begun, and from there he leaps about into some of Sky Sports best Premier League moments. This is why it’s the best league in the world.

Kicking off at Old Trafford when the Fergie era had just begun, Henry shuffles down memory lane and pretends like he’s been about for years. No, he hasn’t got the curse of Benjamin Button, he’s cleverly been green screened onto these legendary events. The trailer in a whole, is huge build up into what is going to be another manic year in the Premier League, and we couldn’t think of a better way to fuel up for it.

Starting on the 8th of August this year, the new season is going to be one full of excitement, and by the way the transfers are going so far, it could be any ones title. Raheem Sterling to Man City, Bastian Scweinsteiger to Man United and Yohan Cabaye to Crystal Palace; it’s no doubt that the league is going to be shaken up more than a carton of fresh orange juice and we don’t want to miss a kick.

How will the new boys fear too? Can The Canaries keep flight once again in the top division? Or will they struggle to feed the net? Are Bournemouth really ready for this level? Or will they leak more goals than a burst pipe? All we can do is watch and wait, so gear up for another year of Premier League brilliance.

Haven’t seen the Sky Sports promo yet? Check it out here…

And we’ll catch you soon with our full Premier League predictions and previews!