So, Apple recently launched their all new music application recently, giving all users of their products something to get excited about once again. The tab labelled Apple Music was invented to revolutionise the way we listen, download and enjoy tunes on our devices, and with a free, three month trial on offer, how could you turn down having a try?

Set to cost £9.99 a month after the trial is finished, Apple Music has wormed its way onto the streaming scene but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Well, here at the SPG, we’ve decided to give the nifty new app the rundown, by going through our likes, dislikes and rating out of ten. So without further or do, here it is…

There are many features that we absolutely adore about the new feature for the iWorld, but first of all we have to give massive credit to the radio section. From your select genre of a random shuffled playlist, right through to Beats 1, you can catch all your favourite sounds on here. Not forgetting to mention, they’ve incorporated some of the world’s greatest mix masters in the segment by granting them their own shows; these include Zane Lowe, Drake and also many others. Love streaming? Love Apple Music; this app gives you the ability to download every track under the sun, and what’s more, they’ve even revived some of the classic anthems to get your nights going too. Leading onto our final favourite from the new feature, the long awaited addition to Apple; the one, the only, Dr.Dre – The Chronic. After the fisty cuffs between Dre and the global brand, Apple have finally sweetened from their rotten past and collaborated with the Hip Hop star. Our iPhones ain’t nothing but a G-thing anymore!

Confusing, cluttered and simply a mess. Much the same as your uni digs post Fresher’s week, Apple Music is an undisclosed jungle of junk, this making it one hundred times harder to find what you need, and most importantly, what you want! Want to shuffle through your favourite album? Try figuring that out after a few hours! Some things that used to be so simple are now hidden better than ‘Where’s Wally’ on his ultimate quest. Apple need to tone down on the clicks and extra’s by stripping this baby back to basics. Yes, they obviously need to progress and develop, but the slower the better! Not everyone is going to pick up on this intertwined music web right away. Finally, our last low on the music filled madness has to be the Wifi scenario. Once you’ve added your select songs to ‘My Music’ it’s great… until you leave your internet zone. I thought this was why 3G/4G was invented? But nope, Apple says no. If you haven’t streamed the tracked in a Wifi hotspot and played it, you won’t get your tunes; if you want to listen to Radio on 3G/4G, you’re not getting that either which sucks.I’m not even sure on that either, I’m still confused.

Rating: 7.5/10
A solid score, Apple Music is definitely on the right tracks to sound domination, however, much like their phones and the rest of the software, it’s a long way off perfection. If you’re not an Apple user, don’t go ahead with the big switch over just yet, this app has a firm year before is polished, but when it is, be sure to snap it up. A real bargain at £9.99 a month but it just needs refining a touch more to make it the best.