They are one of the worlds leading companies when it comes to technological advancements and it seems once again, Apple have proven themselves worthy of that status. Today, Apple Pay is being introduced, which enables individuals to pay for items using their mobile phones…

Through contactless technology, those who own an iPhone 6, from today, will be able to use their phones to purchase items. Apple pay can also be used to buy items online within apps on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. Furthermore, the software is also compatible with Apple’s latest product to be released, the Apple Watch.

So, how does it work? To complete a payment, individuals simply hold their mobiles near a contactless reader, whilst placing their finger on the fingerprint scanner. At present, users can spend up to £20 using the system, however, in September, this is set to rise to £30.

Apple’s newest phenomenon is clearly set to be a hit with users, as over 250,000 retailers have already signed up to the program. Google have also cotton on to Apple’s new idea, as they have already created their own version of Apple Pay, ‘Android Pay.’

Will this software take over from tills and checkouts? We shall have to see… but just watch this space!

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