Call of Duty, you’ve done it again! Every time I lose a little faith with the series, the guys behind the franchise seem to wrap there revived arms around me and suck me back again. This time it’s not the main game that’s got us drooling, but the Zombies mode. An addition since back in the day of World at World, Zombies is a gun totting chaos, in which player’s frantically belt around to survive for the longest time possible.

Yesterday Treyarch (game developers) revealed the trailer for the side dish that’ll be featured in the forth coming Black Ops 3 title, and it looks better than ever. Imagine Bugsy Malone meeting Dawn of the Dead, with the Loch Ness monster coming to break up the date; yeah, that’s what you can expect in this madness. Hosted deep in a Rapture like setting, the scheduled zombie map is draped in a 1940’s gown and sprinkled with a dusting of everyone’s favourite zombie features. For example, firstly it has more brain eating creatures than World War Z, secondly they’ve brought back the almighty power ups and thirdly, you’re still going to be loose like a headless chicken when you get passed round 15.

But what is new I hear you cry? Well, the trailer dubbed by some jazzy pre war music, showcases a bubble pop machine, one in which you interact with to get a perk. Much the same as the snazzy soda machines back in the day, the sweetie ball seems to me that the affects will be a lot stronger but last half the time. It’ll certainly be interesting and I can imagine gamers queuing at the helm of this for the many hours to come. Finally, seeing as the location is a throwback, you can expect yourself to be wielding some of the all time classic weapons. Feeling like a mobster? Snap up a Tommy gun, feeling like a warrior? Check out the juggling knives.

All in all, this zombie trailer has made me doubt my decision to not pre order the game, and with that in mind, I’m about to treat myself to an online shop. I applaud you Call of Duty, you’ve hooked us again! Lock and load soldiers, I’ll see you on the battlefield!