The rumours have been flying about ever since the finale of This is England 88’ and four years down the line, the conspiracies have finally been put to bed with confirmation of a series in the Nineties.

Due for release in September, the spin off show from the ultra popular film sees Shaun and the crew on another throw back adventure into nineteen ninety, and there is no doubt that they’ll be getting up to some miss-happenings again. Yet to see a full trailer, Channel 4 have teased and speculated by dropping in cheeky snippets on ad breaks, but it won’t be long before we see the hype fuelled even more with only two months until the expected release.

Director Shane Medows (director) kept the production postponed from 2012, however it has already been confirmed by a member of the crew that the shooting for the series was completed in February this year.

Rumour has it that the four episode saga will look deeper into the Nineties rave culture and the all famous Italia 90’ World cup, so bring your tissue because it’ll be an emotional, nostalgic affair. All the gang have been presumed to grow up, but Medows has hinted towards Milky and Woody (played by Joseph Gilgun) owning their own scooter shop, Gadget and Shaun get into raving and not only that, Combo is released from prison after his manslaughter in the last series.

We can’t wait for this and it gives such a genuine insight into what the years before were like. Intriguing, captivating and nostalgic, This is England 90’ is set to be one of the series of the year and you do not want to be missing out on it!