There’s no doubt Britain needs to make drastic cuts in order to pay off our debts and George Osborne plans to salvage some of our money by making £12bn in welfare cuts. After raising University tuition fees to £9,000, unfortunately, students are yet again effected by this years budget proposals.

10.5bn of the cuts are expected to come from reducing benefits and tax credits, including the following:
– Tax credits
– Housing benefit
– Disability benefit
– Incapacity benefits
– Child benefits
– Pension credit
– JSA and income support

Students from low income families will also be effected. Currently, they receive maintenance grants of £3,387, however these will now be converted into loans.

There will be no cuts to pensioners and pensioner benefits, such as TV licences and bus passes.

… and after all that heavy stuff, we figured you might fancy a giggle. Check out this funny video about the budget by Sky News.

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