On this exact day 10 years ago in 2005, disaster struck in London, as devastatingly, 52 people lost their lives due to suicide bombers. Today, a minutes silence is taking place and ceremonies are being held for those who  sadly died and for those who survived the catastrophic  7/7 bombings.

Not only did individuals tragically pass away because of the incident, but others lives were drastically effected due to the side effects of that day. Survivors have been permanently physically scarred, with some having lost limbs, but they have also been permanently mentally scarred, as they struggle to come to terms with the images they saw that day that are impossible to erase from their minds.

As a matter of respect and honour for those who tragically passed away, as well as for those who survived these horrific turn of events, today all across the UK, people have been conducting a minutes silence. Some stations chose for their minutes silence to take place exactly a year on from when the first bombs stuck, at 08:50am.

A ceremony also took place at St Paul’s Cathedral, which was attended by the relatives of those who unfortunately lost their lives and by those who survived the incident.

A second service is taking place at Hyde Park today, where members of the public, including David Cameron, have laid wreaths in remembrance.

Still to this day, the 7/7 bombings remain the single worst terrorist attack to take place in Britain. Rest in piece (RIP) to all those who lost their lives.