Live in London? Then you may experience a bit of disruption on the tube today. We’ve got all the latest information regarding the tube strike…

At 6pm yesterday on Wednesday 8th July, tube workers went on strike over disputes about the new all night services that have recently been proposed. They are due to come into effect in September this year. Strikers claim they have not had enough time to consider the 2% pay rise they have been offered by the union.

With approximately 20,000 workers going on strike, this has caused 11 tube lines to close and 270 stations to shut, leading reports to suggest that these are the worst tube disruptions we have seen for 13 years.

The strikes started yesterday at 6pm and will continue to take place throughout the whole of today (Thursday 9th July). Due to the massive disruptions taking place today, Friday 10th July could also be effected.

This is what Transport for London tweeted earlier on today…

Read what Managing Director of the London Underground, Mike Brown, had to say about the strike, here.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson also voiced his opinion on the strikes by branding them, ‘ridiculous.’

What are your thoughts on the strikes? Do you think they’re necessary? Tweet us @TheSPG.

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