Usually we all go about our days not taking much notice of the things happening around us. After all, majority of the time nothing particularly out of the ordinary happens. However, sometimes in life, certain events happen that are either utterly amazing, or completely bizarre. Here are some wonderfully wacky situations that have occurred all around the world recently…

1. Usually you’re meant to have your phone turned off during a theatre performance, right? Not according to an audience member watching, ‘Hand To God’ in New York. Instead, this gentleman made his way on to the stage to charge his mobile phone device!

2. Ever been watching a football match and found it painful to keep watching because one teams loosing so badly? Then hopefully you didnt watch the Micronesia Vs Vanuatu game. Micronesia lost 46-0. Ouch!

3. The Hot Dog contest took place in America recently and a man by the name of Matt Stonie managed to beat the reigning champion, by devouring 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The previous winner managed 60.

4. From one record to another… in California, 66 surfers successfully balanced on a rather large surfing board for 12 whole seconds! The previous recorded consisted of 47 surfers, who stayed on the board for 10 seconds.

5. Visiting numbers have gone up at a Japanese zoo due to a rather good looking gorilla. Apparently guests can’t wait to take pictures of his handsome looks and according to reports, he even poses for photos!

6. No one wants to be involved in a violent crime do they? Well, if it involves having a biscuit thrown at you, or being stung by a stinging nettle, you probably wouldn’t mind too much. Astonishingly, these are amongst the strange incidents that have been classed as violent crimes.

7. We’ve all seen the fancy patterns they can put on our cups of coffee and now it seems it won’t just be patterns that will be staring back at us. A 3D printing machine has now been created, which has the capability of putting any image you want on top of your frothy coffee – including your very own face!

We bet you feel pretty normal after reading that…

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